The two basic types of air purifiers are room models and whole house models. Room models are the most heavily promoted air purifiers, because they can be moved easily around the house. Alternatively, whole-house models are actually built into the house. They are typically put into the duct work of a heating or cooling system that is forced air. You can find a good one at Home Air Guides.


Room air purifiers are the only possible option for houses without forced-air heating or cooling. Room air purifiers are the less expensive choice for air purifiers. These typically stand on a table or the floor and weigh no more than 20 pounds. The unfortunate thing about some room air purifiers, is that they may deposit pollutant particles onto the walls of the house, causing some staining.

Whole house air purifiers are a reasonable choice for homes with forced-air heating. Built-ins may be expensive, and must be installed by a professional. They will be installed in the duct work of a heating system. Most also need to be wired into a home’s electrical system. The good thing about built in home air purifiers it that they do a great job of removing dust from the air, as well as smoke particles.